7 ways to do good mind

Joy and pain are the same life If the mind is bad then the body too bad. So what is the benefit of keeping the mind bad! If your mind gets hurt badly, then do it well. Let’s know some ways to do good mind-


1. Smile known as the most effective ‘medicine’ to keep the mind healthy. Laughing in a hundred minds can make all sorrow miserable. Researchers say, not only the mind, but also helps to keep the body healthy. It also keeps blood pressure under control, helps in increasing disease resistance.


2. Bodybuilding can keep your mind well. Andorphine hormones emit due to body exercises; That helps keep the mind healthy. In addition, research has shown that athletics also help reduce anxiety and emotional depression.


3. You can wake up in the morning with a tea cup and stand in the sun or window. In this, your body will get adequate vitamin ‘D’. Sunlight has a disease prevention that keeps mentally healthy.

4. Listen to music when suddenly you are sad for some reason. The song helps keep people’s mind better. If you want to dance to music then you can dance a little. Your mind can be good at the moment when you hear any favorite song. Can remember a memory of happiness? Studies have shown that keeping the mind in mind as well as removing mental and physical problems.


5. Take a look at the old pictures in the album. This will make your mind better soon. When you remember the story behind the old picture, you can run away from all sorrow. 6. You can also post any favorite photo on facebook or on a computer screen saver. This will create a new enthusiasm in mind. You can start working with a good mindset.


7. You can write funny memories in the diary. If you like nail polish, you can take a nail strap. If cooking is a hobby then leave it to be a favorite recipe

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