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9GAG: Funny Gifs, Pics, Memes & Videos for IGTV v6.21.01r9616-f6c287f30


Hub of LOL. Unlimited GIFs, videos, pics and the funniest memes of tomorrow!With millions of visitors everyday, 9GAG is the app for you to LOL, kill time and make new friends all around the world.
Still not convinced?
• 9GAG app loads fast and allows effortless scrolling. Waste no time for a pick-me-up or simply a good laugh.
• Carry unlimited fun in your pocket. Enjoy 9GAG anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. Never be bored again in class, at work, or on bathroom breaks.
• Out-humor your friends. Always be the first person to share the latest trend with your peers and/or frenemies. Tap to share on e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV and more.
• Get a superb body. Research shows that 78% of our users have developed abs from laughing. Start your day with 9GAG app because it’s the healthiest addiction you can ever hope for.
• Connect with millions of fellow 9gaggers. Discuss any topic that interests you, whether it is relationship, gaming, anime or simply food.
• Shape the definition of fun! UPVOTE and COMMENT to determine the funny contents that deserve to rule the world. Oh, and UPLOAD anything secretly. Your parents will never know.
• Make your work of art viral across social media effortlessly. 9GAG has 36M fans on Facebook and 40M followers on Instagram & IGTV. Getting your contents picked by 9GAG is a ticket to world fame!
• Exclusive, App Only Features. Tag and video upload functions have been launched exclusively on the 9GAG app.
This list can go on… but every minute is another 60 seconds you’ve wasted without laughing. Download the 9GAG app now and see for yourself!
P.S. Your feedback means the world to us. As always, please report any bugs and give us suggestions for free pizzas…*cough* to help us build a stronger and better 9GAG.
Email: support+android@9gag.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/9gag
Instagram & IGTV: https://instagram.com/9gag
Twitter: https://twitter.com/9gag9GAG: Funny Gifs, Pics, Memes & Videos for IGTVhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/QiE-x76mMbIxT5W2sBCdORRnz-YJys2ridssRJZmiE540_5ADuFnOg-9I0H6bTQOuw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/l8NdvyVJSfBIIuqsrL7rhoiUYG1BVtjTG6SsMUyjUQnezbDBGQbDEXRKtg29GbgtiaQ=w700https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninegag.android.app9GAG9GAGEntertainmentEntertainment6.21.01r9616-f6c287f30July 9, 20184.1 and up12.05 M4.6Rated for 12+10,000,000 – 20,000,0006.21.00, 6.21.01
⚽️ Comment loading optimization
6.20.03, 6.20.04
⚽️Fixed hide ads issue
⚽️Fixed Android 8 below's CPU usage after notification is received
⚽️Fixed cannot open profile issue
⚽️ World Cup🏆 2018 update !! Which team do you support? Setup your flag in profile now 🤗
⚽️ Fixed memory leaking issu1,439,3921,112,923208,33336,27014,69767,169DOWNLOAD APKOriginal Article

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