A bad news, Google url shortener is going to stop after 1 year!

This post of my today is a news about technology. That is, the popular Google url shortener will offer this service for only 1 year.That means they will stop this service after 1 year. It was also a popular service among many popular Google services. Which is especially what we create post or content. When they used to share links to any website, the link was used by Google to reduce the link as it was larger.Many others have used it besides others. The reason I posted about this issue is that many people are using Google’s service. So this post is meant to tell if there will be a problem when it is closed.

The Google authorities said in their blog post that they will continue to operate their Google url shortener service until next year, March 30, 2019, and then shut them down. But do not be afraid, if Google’s service is closed, links created by your Google URL Shortener will always work, they will never stop.

The reason behind the closure is that Google authorities have argued that Internet users now see most of the content through iOS, Android or Web Apps. Websites like previous are not split into pages. So, instead of minimizing the address of a website, they think it is a smart thing to get the address of content through firebase dynamic links to everyone.

B. Due to Google URL Shortener Closure, there are some more popular URL Shortener Websites like this. So those who are accustomed to URL shortcut, they will be able to use those sites even though Google’s service is closed.

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