Balance solution! Know why the hair falls?

Everyone is shy to walk around bald head. But for that this shame is not easy to solve that balak. To find out the solution first you need to know why the hair falls.

There are usually many reasons for hair fall. Hair loss can be caused by body hormones, or after the birth of a child, hair growth rate may increase. It may also be a bald head due to hereditary reasons.

Due to hereditary reasons hair does not have much to do. However, if you have hair loss for two other reasons, you can become a doctor.

The easy way to grow hair on the bald head is by placing the hair on the other side of the body in the surgical procedure. But it may not be possible for everyone.

In addition to periods for girls, head hair may fall after childbirth. But the doctors said there is nothing too much to worry about. This problem is eliminated during the change of time.

Generally, people who are bald people are attracted to different types of advertisements and have different types of medicines. The biggest mistake they are sitting here. Because of the problem, due to the fact that her hair is falling on the hair, it can be reversed if the treatment is not known. So first go to the doctor.

One study showed that even if there is a lack of calcium and iron on the body, hair growth may increase. So go to the doctor just as the problem started.

Commonly known soap in the market, shampoo may be the reason for hair fall. Hair coloring, scratches, dryers, etc. may also start hair fall. So beware of these things.

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