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Bepannaah 11 July 2018, Written Update of Full Episode: Six months down the line, Zoya misses Aditya immensely while Sakshi is held captive by a mystery man


Bepannaah has taken a leap of six months. We see staff members of Zoya’s (Jennifer Winget) event management company organizing a marriage. She walks in saying that there will be fireworks all around when the groom makes an entry and fulfills her statements. The marriage goes well and people praise her. A staff member says she has started behaving a lot like Aditya (Harshad Chopda) nowadays. Noor calls her and says mom is awaiting you home. She tells her to hurry. Zoya says she is aware that tomorrow is a big day in her life. Arjun makes Anjana open a package that has the party invite for Harshvardhan and her 25th marriage anniversary. She is surprised to see it. Anjana says that she cannot party when her son is missing even though Harsh and he request her to have a celebration. Arjun says mom will slip into depression if she stays like this. He says brother told me to take care of mother. Zoya is arguing with a vendor when Noor reminds her to come home fast. A staff member exposes her lie that she is leaving for home and she runs for cover. Arjun writes to Aditya that he misses him a lot. He says mom is very depressed without him and is unwilling to even celebrate even her 25th marriage anniversary. Mom tells Zoya to come home fast.

Arjun makes a call to Sakshi who is now apparently in the US. She does not take the call. He gets frustrated. We see her being held kidnapped by someone and unable to take calls. Zoya sees that mom has made biryani and says it is unsuitable for them to consume high calorie food. Sakshi struggles to get out of the kidnapper’s grip. We see her freeing herself and trying to reach the phone. A mystery man hits her on the head and she falls down.

Zoya’s parents are very excited for the party that will be held the next day. Wasim and Roshna gift Zoya a piece of jewellery for the special occasion. The two sisters argue over the dress Zoya will wear for her big day. Noor tells Zoya to make a wish who agrees hesitantly. She refuses to divulge what she wished for. She wakes up in a rather cheerful mood thinking about Aditya and wonders where is he.

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