[Electronic] Check your TV’s Remote Control with your mobile camera


Today I will show you, 
How to check with your camera’s camera, whether your TV’s remote control is active.

My second post was about electronics.

Often our remote control control of the TV gives a disturbance. No button works or battery problem.

Because of this, we have to be very impatient.

So today’s post.

Let’s start this

First select the remote control that will not be able to choose 

Now fix the battery, fix it, 

After fixing the battery cover, 

Now turn on the mobile camera, 
Now take the remote control in front of the camera and click any 1 button.

If you click on the button, if the lights on the camera burn below, then think that your remote control is okay. And if the lights do not fire, then the remote control will be lost.

Active remote, 

Unstoppable relocation


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