LifeTwist is best social netwroking site where you can chat , meet peoples , makes friends , watch videos, see images and make fun. Also you can send messages, pictures and videos.
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Help | LifeTwist
LifeTwist is social networking site where you can chat with friends and spend time. By registration process you are agree to follow our rules.
What should I do if I forget my password?
If you have added your email in the LifeTwist account, the only way to reset your password is to click Forgot password? and follow the instructions to reset it.
How to delete my profile?
You can not delete your profile. If you want to delete your id, then do not login to LifeTwist. Or if for any other reason contact our Support team. We will remove your profile from the website.
How to change my email?
You can change or add your email address to your profile. To change or add email go to edit profile and there will be a box for email, put your email and save profile.
How do I upload my photos?
You can upload or watch latest photos on LifeTwist by clicking on "Photos" button on mainpage.
How do I upload my profile photo?
You can change your profile photo by clicking to "Change Profile Photo" in usermenu section.
Loan System
The loan system is designed for emergency scores. Owners can accept or reject your loan request. If owners are accepting your requests then add scores to your account. If owners are rejecting your the request then will not pay the loan. 7 days after your loan automatically take from your account.
What are Scores and how do they work?
Scores is a monetary system of LifeTwist. You can use it to change your username and color in the shop. so, increase your scores...
How to gain more scores?
If you send message in shoutbox to gain +5 , You can gain +2 scores if any user like you on the mainpage (shoutbox) post, also if someone unlike on your post (hits unlike) your 2 scores will be deducted , You can gain +3 scores if you send message to any user in inbox , also if you comment on any user post to gain +2.