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Terms of Use - LifeTwist
Terms of Use
Last updated: Augest 01, 2023
LifeTwist is the social networking site where you can chat with friends, meet new people and spend time. By registration process you are agree to follow our rules.
Rules Of LifeTwist
1. Please, do not register names like 111, shhhh, uuuu, etc. They will be suspended. Also all the profiles registered via proxy servers will be suspended. Please give real details during registration.
2. This Website should never be used for commercial means or to advertise and sell anything.
3. Links to other web pages are prohibited anywhere on the Website.
4. Active sending or asking of email address can be considered as spamming.
5. Any nudity or adult photos and content is strictly prohibited.
6. You are personally responsible for all materials and information that you place on the Website.
7. You must never post offensive or prohibited content on the Website.
8. You must not discriminate or harass against other users.
9. If any staff member found against rules, his/her staff membership will be removed.
10. The user, who breaks the rules, he/she cannott get staff membership.
11. Multiple accounts are not allowed on this site. If anyone found doing this, his/her IP will be blocked and all Accounts relating to that IP will be suspended.
12. There is not allowed to abusing the users. If anyone found doing this he/she will be banned.
13. User can not say wrong about any religion. If anyone found, his/her account will be suspended.
14. User can not insult any religious material. If anyone found, his/her account will be suspended.
15. Owners of this site have rights to change/modify rules at anytime.
You can be banned for
1. Spamming on web site addresses and advertisements.
2. Uploading nudity or adult photos.
3. Collecting users email addresses.
4. Harassment of other users.
5. Impersonating a LifeTwist Staff Member.
6. By breaking the rules of site.
7. By abusing Users.
8. Saying wrong about any religion.
9. Insulting any religious material.
10. Sharing other social network sites names or photos.
11. Creating multiple accounts.
12. Sending multipal same posts.
Threat of sanctions
1. In case of violation of rules - user can be banned without notice.
2. In case of violation of rules, the user may be alerted. If the user persists in violating the rules � user will be banned and profile suspended permanently.
3. Other sites names are censored anywhere on the Website. Censure on the Website is the symbol �*****�.
4. Nudity or adult photos are suspended without notice. User may be banned from the Website for generating inappropriate content.
User rights
1. User can report rule violators to LifeTwist administration anytime. LifeTwist administration reserves the right to decide how to deal with offenders.
2. User can block any LifeTwist member anytime. Blocked members will not be able to reach user on the Website in any way.
LifeTwist has no responsibility for, or control over, the accuracy and validity of materials posted by users on this Website. The Website and its content are therefore provided without any guarantees, condition
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