Google maps go apk download,Lite version of Google Maps, with many features {Google Maps Go} [see preview]

Name Information
App name Google Maps Go
Developer Google
Size 137KB

Now the work is done:

The original version of Google Maps has published Google Publisher, which is named: Google Maps go!
Google Maps Go, light version of the original Google Maps app. Designed to be easily run with limited memory and unreliable networks to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, instructions, and train, bus and city transit information. You can search and find millions of places such as: Phone number and address. The real advantage of Google Maps Go is that it costs 50% of the original Google!

What’s in this app:

. • Tap for quick directions and map details
• Get there faster with real-time traffic info
• Live or ride with a live city transit schedule
• Explore the street with walking directions
• Discover places and explore new places
• Search for local restaurants, businesses and other nearby places
• Define the best places to take reviews, ratings and food pictures
• Find a phone number and address from a place
• Find places you want or often to visit, and quickly find them later on your mobile
• Available in 70+ languages
• A comprehensive, accurate map of 200 countries and regions
• Transit information of approximately 7,000 agencies, 3.8 million stations and more than 20,000 cities / cities.
• Detailed business information for more than 100 million places

Some screenshots:


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