How to download full pc games for free


So today I will show you how to download the latest PC games, absolutely free, virus free and from high speed server. The funny thing is.Setting sizes of these games are more than half of the original set size and the cracks that are given in them are not very clean and no viruses and I like these rippers because some ripake multiplayer modes are also available.

Now come to the main topic. But today I can not give more screenshots because my PCs have been sent to servicing and it takes around 20 days to get it right.

The name of the website that we download will be: Fitgirl Repacks I liked the site. I have already said it for some reason. I will now download gta v from your website. So let’s see

1. At first we have to go to this link.

2. Now click on the green button in the top right.

3. A search box will appear and write here “grand theft auto v”

4. If done, tap on the done / search button. 

5. See, there are two results on the search result page. Now it is necessary to see which of the two are latest updates and new ones.

6. We can see that the first size is less and this is the latest version. So now we’ll tape first.

7. See the details of the game came. Here the actual size of the game is 70 GB and the replay size is 36 GB, which is about half. 

7. Scroll down the download links can be seen.There are many mirror links, including torrent links. But I will not select Torrent Link because it’s a big problem. Server down, slow speed etc.So now I will select worldsrc mirror for single file. The link will open in the new tab. Now click on the direct download button.

8. It will be a pop-up to cut it.

9. Clicking the Click Here button will start downloading.

Download speed is very good I got 1000Mbps ie 12MBps.

That was the process of downloading GTA 5 if you want to download any other game, you can scroll to the homepage of fitgirl repacks and click on All My Repacks, AZ link. 

As you wrote in the link text, you can get all the games’ rippacks from A to z in the pages. 

So start downloading


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