How to install big size game obb file in memory card. [Root needed]

Many of us would like to play GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas etc on mobile. However, the biggest problem in this case is that many of us have more space in the phone memory, even though this type of game has a much big obb type data file. I will show you today

How to install the obb file in the game memory card.

It is good to say that this trick will work only on rooted Android phones. In this case, if your phone is not rooted then you can route it to the game’s interests.

The application that makes this awesome work is: GL to SD

Ep Size: Only 1.5 mb

Download: You can download from the Play Store or download it from here.

Step 1

First install the APK file of your game.Install GL to SD

Step 2

Now enter the file manager and create a folder named “obb” in your memory card, extSdCard.

Step 3

Now extract your game’s data file (obb file) into the obb folder you created. The path would be like: \ storage \ extSdCard \ obb 

Step 4

Now you open the GL to SD. Now GL to SD will require root permissions. Give it with the route permissions. Then your game will appear on the GL to SD homepage. You can see a Neil Play button next to the name of the game.Clicking on that play button will play the game open. 

Diameter, it’s done. 
I’m playing a 2.4 Gb GTA San Andreas game. 

Restart / Reboot the phone if it does not play. It may happen after installing it for the first time. So stay calm.

Remember, if you do not give GL to SD root access or GL to SD, then you will not be able to play the game.

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