Messenger Top 5 Bot Review (Episode 1) 

No rating 
My rating is 5/5 
Are you football lover 
Want to get all the news about futbol? 
Then this boat will allow you to know the relationship between the player and the team. 


No rating 
My rating is 3/5 
upset? Boring time? 
Then this boat will help you smile

The CleverBot 

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My Rating 4/5 
Remember Sim Simi? 
Yes, Sim Simi is the thunderstorm on the internet 
That’s the same as that 
But it’s not so smart. 
Like Sim Simi, Bangla can not make fun, but knows enough.


(woman in strong position) 

Rate is 3.9 / 5 
My rating is 2/5 
It was also made to chat with strangers. 
But this boat was given only to girls. 
Boat would like to know something about you 
And your answers will go to the girls, if they like it, they will give a chat request

Andy English Bot

Average rating: 4.7 / 5 
My rating is 5/5

This is also a chat boat similar to a clever boat. 
But there is a new feature and a different game.You can learn English means playing games.And you will be able to learn English skills and skills 


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