Messenger Top 5 Bot Review (Episode 2)


First of all 

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My rating is 5/5 
This boat is very popular in Indonesia. 
A lot of people do not use in Bangladesh. 
If you are a boy, you will be able to connect with an unknown girl of Bangladesh. 
Your name or your name will not be given to Facebook id. You need to make friends with your heart by talking to him.


Page rating 2.3 / 5 
My Rating 4/5 
It’s just like a boat carrying a boat 
Its user less. But you can post it here. 
If a girl enjoys reading your post, she will request a chat and you can expedite the conversation. 
If you like any other girl post, you can also request them to chat


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My Rating 4/5 
This is a very important boat 
Rain means this time it will help you too. 
The app will tell you when the weather in your area is about how much ° C it is


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My rating is 5/5 
Motivation is a very beneficial thing to fear 
You will help your life with beautiful beautiful motivation. 
Dare fear to do something bigger than throwing away fear.



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My Rating 4/5 
No longer need to make meme or troll to the app. 
By boat you can make it. It is very easy to create a troll or meme, which are the pictures of which they need 
There it is. 

I reviewed this first thing and I know it is very bad. Then try and do the best 
If you do not receive the response, then the bot will not release.

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