[Modded] Take Stylish Facebook Lite with Rainbow Mod Version + New Features

I also appeared in Facebook Lite’s stylish and new Mod. Its Rainbow Coloring will really grab your mind.

## At the beginning, I did not do this app. I do not know the name of the person who has done the modes, I’m not so proud. But the translation of credit is entirely mine.

## This Episode of Rainbow Mod version is not like a shared version of my shared version, but you can say a lot different features and stylish colors.

## This Facebook Lite’s Rainbow mode allows you to automatically give animations, screen effects and color status.

## You can give Screen Prank and Samsung Galaxy Edge effects.

## Custom Rainbow Background Color can give you status.

Features: FB Lite Mod RainBow

★★ Version Upgraded (FB Lite)

★★ Rainbow Color Mod

★★ No Credit Text (By Riadrox)

★★ Samsung Galaxy Edge Effects

★★ Falling Animations

★★ Broken Screen Pranks

★★ Colored Background & Custom Card Status!

★★ Rainbow Effect on Landing Page




Download Link (3mb)


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