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What is radar

In a nutshell, ” radar ” is a method that can detect the position, distance, height, direction or speed of moving objects using the electromagnetic wave. Radar means “ra dio detection a nd r anging”. Radar was invented by “AH Taylor ” and ” Leo C Young “, in 1922. The radar system is widely used in air traffic control, air defense systems, enemy air detection, ship detection, weather monitoring.

Radar instruments can be used in airplanes, marine vessels and anywhere in the land.Landed radar might say that there has been an attack of enemy aircraft somewhere in the sky, and the radar on the plane can also say where the airport location, the target or any other enemy aircraft around it is far away.

Radar’s work

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If used in a different way, the radar provides information about the surface of the Earth or gives an idea of ​​weather conditions. It also provides information about the surfaces and features of distant astronomical objects. Radar is sometimes used as a full-fledged system or used in collaboration with other devices.

How does radar work?

Wireless waves are sent around the medium of a transmitter device in the radar, which is reflected from any object and caught on to the customer device. The customer’s device is usually located at the same place near the sender’s device. Although the reflected radio waves are quite weak, it can be magnified on purpose. That is why the radar can detect distant objects by radiation.

The radio waves that are used in the radar are produced by a device called ” Magnatron “.Radio waves and lights can pass in the same speed; But the waves of the radio waves are very long and the frequency is very weak. The wave length of the light wave is 500 nanometers (1 meter to 500 billion times smaller), and the radio wave used in the radar is more than a million times greater than the light wave.

Imagine thinking of landing a huge plane in a crowded town on a dark night-but the problem is that there is a covered area around the fog, so how do you land the plane safely to find the empty space? You can not see anything! Plane pilots solve this problem using a device called radar; It helps to see an object hidden using a viewing medium or high radio wave. During World War II, one of the main improvements was made to fend off enemy aircraft. But today it has wide usage. Aircraft pilots use it when leaving a plane, while on air and while landing the aircraft. The police used it to detect bikes or cars running illegal speeds. Even to get a map of the world and other planetary satellites, NASA uses Radar to know the location of satellite. So let’s learn more about how it works

Radar station

The radar station is like a mini-type wireless or a television broadcasting center. Wireless waves were thrown in the sky from this center.When this radio wave strikes a solid object in the sky, it comes back to reflect. This returning wave is detected by the radar customer’s instrument. The part of the Radar customer device is almost like television. Here the sign of light of the returning wave flutters on the screen as the dot of light. This wave of radar rages quickly and strikes the distant object again and comes back to the point of light and flows through the screen – this process can be seen in the eyes.

How to avoid radar?

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Radar is used to detect or detect ships.However, radar is given importance in the field of the radar. It’s hard to get rid of the radar. If you want to avoid or avoid the radar, you need a plane that can be secretly hidden and can not be caught in the radar. The American Air Force has an ill-shaped aircraft named B2; The structure of this plane, which can absorb the beam from the radar, can not detect the radar any more. Recently such planes have many countries and there are many countries to work on.

The radar is one thing that can capture or understand something or understand the position of something. This works by using a radar wave.

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