Solid Explorer Apk with lifeTime free license

I’m going to share with you today. Solid Explorer Mod Themmed App is the best file manager I have ever seen for Android. Because this is a lot of openings with the Solid Explorer File Manager, such as the file Crompress archive like Zip.tar.7z.tar. bz2.tar.gz.tar.xz.tar.lz4 etc html viewer
mp3.m4a.mp4 etc., through the Solid Explorer App. Solid Explorer Mod Themmed which is now about to be shared has been added to some themes, the biggest thing is to copy the system app through the Solid Explorer App Regardless of the application, you can copy and install the app again. If you would like to download an app from the Play Store, you feel that if you were able to back up the app, it would be better if you would like the Solid Explorer app. Rises.

Solid Explorer Mod Themed.apk (Xda)

Screenshoots Solid Explorer Mod App:

Now show how Solid Explorer Apache has the full Vershion Unlock rule + Lifetime License.

Likewise, you can use it for 20-25 days, but it will be better if you make a crack.

Please download Lucky Patcher.apk from below.

Lucky Patcher Latest.apk

Extract it to get the app to install it.
Then open it.

Scroll down to see if you see the Solid Explorer app. Hold it, click on Create Modified Apk

Visit custompatch-appiled.apk

Tick ​​everything from top to bottom.

Rebuild the day in the app

Succes will look like the following

Go to File and install the previous uninstall and install it. Base work is done. Keep using it comfortably.

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