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Supervised User feature on Google Chrome will stop working with Chrome 70


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The Supervised User feature was announced to be deprecated in Google Chrome earlier this year to the dismay of many. It allowed you to create Chrome users under your profile, allowing you to implement restrictions on their browsing. It was useful for kids and shared computers, but Google announced that you would no longer be able to add users to it back in January. They then made it so that you couldn’t modify the settings you had made anymore, basically straight up killing off the feature. Now they’re taking the final step to kill it entirely, according to a commit on the Chromium Gerrit.

As you can see, the info bar for supervised users will announce the end-of-life in version 70 of Google Chrome. Version 70 is set to be released around October, so that’s when it will be made officially end-of-life. We can only assume that the feature will entirely cease to function once it releases.

But what does this mean for users who need to set up a monitored account for their kid? You can get Google Family Link, which is available in most countries that Google officially operates. The company is also dedicated to improving it, with an update somewhat recently being made to add time limits on browsing, for example. For those outside of supported areas though, there aren’t really any other options. You can check if your country is supported here. There are a few limitations as well, so this change is a bad one for those who may prefer the simplicity of what Supervised User brought.

The main problem with this feature being deprecated is the timing of it. At the time, Family Link was actually unavailable for most outside of the U.S. It was poor decision making on Google’s part. Now, with Supervised User being officially made end of life, it’s not so bad with a replacement ready to go. You can install and set up Family Link below.

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