The girl who came to Mumbai with just 500 rupees is now Bollywood’s shivering heroine.


Yes, the girl who came to Mumbai with 500 rupees is Disha Patani. The road to life is not very smooth. In this treacherous way, those who fight and fight with their own destiny, only they are ahead in front. The story behind being the heroine of her life, ‘Bighi 2’, the Bollywood actress Disha Patani with ‘Baghi 2’ He has changed the struggles, the shortages, and the many pangs of pain and success with labor and patience.

She is Bollywood now with lucrative smiles, glamorous beauty and flamboyance of acting. Nowadays, wherever he goes, the camera is surrounded. Talks about her, with her love, many rumors circulating in the Bollywood sky. These are all by its popularity. But Disha’s life was not so much fun.

He said that he left Mumbai for only 500 rupees after studying. After coming, this star has always been looking for work. Ad-audition, model ticketing, home rental. Disha said, “After coming to Mumbai, they did not want money from the family. Every day there was a routine to go home and sleep. ‘


The first movie in BollywoodWizBD.Com

In ‘Dhoni: The Untold Story’, though he did not act, he had to burn many rituals till then. Even before the contract was signed, the producer’s wishes had to be dropped by Disha. So he said, ‘I have learned from these aspects of life.’

In ‘Dhoni: The Untold Story’, Sushant’s chemistry was liked by the audience. Since then, critics started thinking of him as one of the most promising actresses in Bollywood.


And with the new ‘Baghi 2’ picture, it is worth 100 crores, waiting for entry into more far-reaching clubs. In contrast to the boyfriend Tiger Shroff, the film is playing the box office.

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