Toucher Pro Apk, Download Control the important tasks of Android Mobile with a Floating Top-up button.

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@@@ Today’s Topic is an App called Toucher Pro .Size -5.28 mb The rating of the Google Play Store is 4.3.Market has so far downloaded 10 million times.

What can work
You can take Screenshot •• Home button + Cancel to do the button work •• • Refresh the RAM •• • Flashlight can be burnt •• • Recent apps will be able to view •• Anyone can add many apps Add – on (not to go to manual) •• Alarm Volume / Media Volume / Mobile Volume to reduce / increase •• Can reduce / increase brightness •• • Bluetooth / WiFi / Hotspot / Data connection can be given •• • Airplane Mode can be enabled •• • Display Screen can be on time •• Wheather can see •• Date + battery purse You can see nteja
Besides, if you can hack Premium Package-
Can be able to lock •• Add a memory folder •• Add Shortcut •• Add Widget

@@@ To download–

Screenshot for App’s setting Follow-

Gestures Diy Select to-

Top-Up Tab Change to Make-

To fix the panel size of top-up-

Put a photo on top-up –

For the theme-

Screenshots to see the functions of Follow-

Tab 1 no

Tab 2 no

Tab No 3

4th tab

Battery, call dial, massage


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