What to do when the pressure decreases suddenly?

Low blood pressure is also harmful for the body like high blood pressure. Hypertension is another name for low blood pressure.
Excessive labor, anxiety, fear and nervous weakness can lead to low blood pressure. If the pressure is low, it may also be difficult to droop, fatigue, become unconscious, nausea, palpitations, depression, vision blurred and natural breathing.

According to the doctor, there is a healthy normal blood pressure of 120/80 On the other hand if blood pressure is around 90/60 or around it is considered as low blood pressure. If the pressure goes down further then the brain, kidney and heart can not flow properly, this disease can occur.

In addition, excessive sweating, diarrhea or excessive vomiting, if there is bleeding in the body, such as: bloodbum, excess bleeding with the toilet, injury due to physical injury or accidents, low blood pressure may occur due to malnutrition.

Pregnant mothers can be low pressure during the first 6 months of hormonal pregnancy. Feeling head or light, feeling unconscious in the head, standing or sitting in the back, standing in the head or imbalance, seeing the eyes in the eye, breathing frequently, getting cold in the hand, feeling too much thirst, If you develop abnormal heart rate, pulse or pulse, then pressure decreases or you are suffering from low-blood pressure.
Many people worry about low blood pressure or low blood pressure. But there is nothing to be unnecessarily worried over low blood pressure. Because it is a less harmful and short-term problem than hypertension. If the pressure is low then there are some primary steps taken at home, let’s take some initial treatment of low blood pressure .

Salt-water: Salt increases blood pressure. Because it contains sodium. But it is better not to give more salt in water. It is best to play two teaspoons of sugar and one or two teaspoons of salt in one glass of water. However, those who have diabetes, it is better to exclude sugar.


Coffee-hot chocolate: You can eat a cup of coffee if you suddenly see low pressure. Strong coffee, hot chocolate, or caffeine drinks, including caffeine drinks, help to increase blood pressure faster. And those who have been suffering from this problem for a long time, they can eat a cup of strong coffee after heavy nash in the morning.

Juvenile: Hyaluronic hyphen tension has been used since ancient times. Soak one or two cups of kishmish all night in the water. Drink lemon juice on the empty stomach in the morning.

Bit juice: Beta juice is very useful for both high and low pressure. It helps to keep blood pressure normal. This way you will get benefits of playing one week.

Nuts: If you are low-pressure, you can eat five kalasham and 15 to 20 peanuts. It helps in increasing the pace.

Mint: Vitamin ‘C’, Magnesium, Potassium and Pantothenic Elements, which increases the pressure of rapid blood pressure, also removes mental depression, including mineral richness. You can mix honey with betel leaf and mix honey with it.

Licorice: Licorice has been used as an anesthetic for many diseases since ancient times. Leave one cup of water in a cup of water with a table spoon. Drink after 2-3 hours. You can also benefit from eating honey with milk.

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